ASEW Webinar Series

Global annual energy use for space cooling is projected to triple until 2050 to 6,200 TWh. And according to UN ESCAP, the cooling demand in South East Asia is expected to be the fastest-growing consumer of electricity over the next two decades. So, there is a great need to meet the growing cooling demand, which goes hand in hand with population growth and economic development, with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. District Cooling Systems can reduce the energy consumption with up to 50 percent and has great potential to cover a significant share of the increasing cooling demand. There is a huge market potential for District Energy projects in South East Asia, not at least in Central Business District areas, Industries, and Industry zones, Airports, Hospitals and Data Centers.

Thailand is, with a population of more than 70 million people, the second largest economy in Southeast Asia. With its tropical climate and economic growth, the country has a large potential for District Cooling systems. APUEA and Informa Markets are co-organizing this webinar to educate and enhance knowledge on the development and potential of District Cooling in Thailand.

Speaker BioQ&A
Introduction to District Cooling in Thailand

by Dr. Pongpan Vorasayan

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International Experiences for the District Cooling Market in Thailand

by Mr. Mikael Jakobsson

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The Potential of District Cooling in Thailand

by Mr. Peter Lundberg

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District Cooling System (DCS) @ THE Forestias

by Mr. Kamol Tanpipat

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