30 JUNE - 9 JULY 2021

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6-7 JULY :

Virtual Event & Conference

(9.00 - 18.00 GMT+7)

ASEAN Energy & Utilities Digital Week

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ASEAN Energy & Utilities Digital Week Conferences

Welcome to ASEAN Energy & Utilities Digital Week Conference

The comprehensive interactive webinars cover a wide range of topics, which draws an outstanding segment of energy market outlooks and industry, so attendees can be sure to gain insights on what trends will be for the industry, how these will benefit their operations, and how to capitalise on opportunities with such solutions in place.The conference will also provide a unique and valuable platform for knowledge transfer, promotional opportunities and networking with executives from top industry professionals.

Join us Today! To fuel business exchanges and offer exclusive insights from a line-up of accomplished speakers.

6 July 2021 at 09.15-12.00 (GMT+7)

ASEAN Renewable Energy Outlook

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6 July 2021 at 13.00-14.00 (GMT+7)

Indonesia Nusantara Renewable Grid: HVDC Undersea Cable

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6 July 2021 at 14.45-15.45 (GMT+7)

Investment Opportunities in Renewable Energy: Solar Industry Outlook in Malaysia

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6 July 2021 at 16.15-17.30 (GMT+7)

ASEAN Bioenergy

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7 July 2021 at 09.30-11.30 (GMT+7)

ASEAN Electric Vehicle Outlook

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7 July 2021 at 13.00-14.00 (GMT+7)

ASEAN Energy Efficiency Outlook

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7 July 2021 at 14.45-15.45 (GMT+7)

Future Urban Energy

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7 July 2021 at 16.15-17.15 (GMT+7)

ASEAN DATA Center for Energy Management

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