Data centers consume a large amount of energy. Today and looking into the future, it is important for the industry and end users alike to realize the power and resulting environmental impact of living in a digital world. Energy consumption from data centres is currently attracting more attention as a matter of concern and threat to the sustainable energy transition but on another hand, data centres may actually present an opportunity to accelerate the transition.

Thailand Data Center Market is booming and expecting to witness investments of USD 1 Billion By 2026. Center operators are seeking to power their data centers with renewable energy from resources such as hydro, wind, solar and biomass. Future trends include the development of onsite clean hydrogen solutions for onsite power generation, both for backup electricity as well as for base and peak energy demand.

ASEW 2021 would like to invite you to register and join our latest webinar on "Renewable Energy for Thailand Data Center". Industry leaders and Operators will share their insights and merging opportunities in the Thailand Renewable Energy and Data Centres.

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A Framework for Data Center Sustainability

by Mr. Abhay Ghosalkar

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Re for Thailand Data Centers

by Mr. Kanchit Ngamsanroaj

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