Thailand's Industrial

Thailand’s industrial expansion has unfortunately created a substantial increase in energy pollution which in turn has caused damage to the environment. Many environmental problems such as water pollution, air pollution, de-forestation and land degradation are caused by energy production. As a result air quality has experienced deterioration due to the increasaase in greenhouse gases (GHG). Transportation in urban areas is also increasing and sustainable energy technology, including renewable, solar and wind energy, plus energy from biomass technology - is needed in order to meet the growing demand for clean energy. The threat of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions is becoming more serious.  

Because of the above, energy storage is now more important than ever. This requires greater use of innovative batteries, along with EV and research into Hydrogen as an alternate energy source. New technologies need to be integrated into existing power networks and market structures. The design of new forms of energy distribution, energy market structures, and smart grids is also necessary to meet the energy needs of modern societies and smart cities. The government’s support and policy of Thailand Energy 4.0 means opportunity via the transformation of Thailand’s energy sector. Thailand Energy 4.0 is designed to improve energy production and consumption, while ensuring that cleaner and more efficient delivery is achieved. Renewable and other carbon-free energy systems will play a primary role in delivering the success of this policy.

The Thai Ministry of Energy has launched numerous innovative projects and is conducting research and new energy plans in order to expand Thailand's power sectors under Thailand Energy 4.0. This is now a top priority for the government and it also creates excellent business opportunities for both integrated and non-integrated energy companies around the world.

As result, Thailand Energy 4.0 will shape the future of ASEAN Energy and ASEAN Sustainable Week 2018. Both will provide an unbeatable platform for companies to showcase their latest technology to buyers and policy-makers throughout the region.

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