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Improvements in energy efficiency is smart business - an imperative for the global community. Thailand is well positioned to capitalize on its considerable technical potential for energy efficiency savings. The government’s Energy Efficiency Action Plan 2011–2030 (EEAP) anticipates savings of 25% by 2030. Technology advances during the period up to 2030 are likely to contribute to reach their target.

The EEAP and the Energy Efficiency Development Plan 2011–2030 together detail Thailand’s energy efficiency goals, and the regulatory and institutional frameworks necessary to achieve these goals.  Assistance includes both financial and technical measures and will also be provided for small operators such as SMEs - particularly funding via the Standard Offer Program (SOP) and technical assistance via the Energy Efficiency Resource Standards (EERS) Plan.

Thailand’s Energy Ministry is promoting Thailand as an Electric Vehicle (EV) Hub. The objective is to promote the usage of EV in Thailand which leads to reduction of road pollution and improves energy efficiency in the transport sector. The Ministry offers its full support in promoting the country as an electric vehicle production hub. As part of the plan, the Ministry will make amendments to regulations and laws regarding electricity transmission and fuel retailers. These changes will allow electricity chargers to be set up at petrol stations.

These amendments are part of a plan to help improve the sale of electric vehicles in Thailand and encourage EV car makers to increase production plants in the country. More energy efficient industrial equipment, stringent vehicle fuel-economy standards and the quicker phase-out of fossil-fuel subsidies will further increase demand and help reduce the use of oil and gas.

Mandatory standards and labeling requirements in Thailand also provide inducements to consume less energy; subsidies also encourage the use of energy-saving appliances and machinery. Thailand’s goal of creating a national conscience of energy saving is a vital step toward inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

Source: Energy Efficiency Developments and Potential Energy Savings In the Greater Mekong Subregion by ADB

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